Production Lab

Director Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin spoke on NYU Production Lab’s Rethinking Labor in the Entertainment Industry, preparing filmmakers to navigate employment contracts and also encouraging the industry to think deeply about labor practices. Watch a recording of the event here.


FLC hosted our partner the Sundance Institute for a pop-up legal clinic. Our student legal teams provided the Sundance fellows with bespoke legal advice on their most pressing questions.

TJ Parsell

Filmmaker, author, and human rights advocate @tjparsell spoke to FLC Legal Clinic students about indie filmmaking and his award-winning documentary “Invisible” – highlighting unseen gay women songwriters in country music.

Miranda Foundation

Professor Greenberg-Kobrin—Director and Clinical Associate Professor of Law—gave an in-depth lecture on “how to read your contract” to a group of the Miranda Family Fellows. The lecture was tailored to address contracts for actors, managers, and agents.