Featured Events

  • NYU <br> Production Lab

    Production Lab

    Director Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin spoke on NYU Production Lab’s Rethinking Labor in the Entertainment Industry, preparing filmmakers to navigate employment contracts and also encouraging the industry to think deeply about labor practices. Watch a recording of the event here.

  • Sundance<br>Institute


    FLC hosted our partner the Sundance Institute for a pop-up legal clinic. Our student legal teams provided the Sundance fellows with bespoke legal advice on their most pressing questions.

  • Director<br>TJ Parsell

    TJ Parsell

    Filmmaker, author, and human rights advocate @tjparsell spoke to FLC Legal Clinic students about indie filmmaking and his award-winning documentary “Invisible” – highlighting unseen gay women songwriters in country music.

  • Miranda Foundation

    Miranda Foundation

    Professor Greenberg-Kobrin—Director and Clinical Associate Professor of Law—gave an in-depth lecture on “how to read your contract” to a group of the Miranda Family Fellows. The lecture was tailored to address contracts for actors, managers, and agents.


The Black TV & Film Collective leads professional development events and workshops. These are opportunities for artists to get better at their craft by both reinforcing existing skills and developing new ones. FLC will continue this partnership in the 2022-23 academic year, to provide counsel and advice to BTFC filmmakers.

FLC, in ongoing partnership with Ghetto Film School, will continue to provide in-depth legal trainings on topics most relevant to GFS members. Past topics have included film financing, entity formation and copyright law.

FLC and NYU Production Lab have a productive partnership, providing ongoing legal training to the filmmakers NYU supports. Upcoming legal trainings will cover music licensing in film, fair use, and other topics important to NYU filmmakers.